Honest Reviews on GoDaddy Web Hosting Service


Features to take Advantage Of

Like any other web hosting service out there, GoDaddy also have various features to offer to its clients. One can get access to easily setting up accounts such as Google Webmaster, Just Host, as well as free Adword credits and other features to offer. The company caters to everybody, from those who only need low requirements for their website as well as those who are in need of unlimited access to bandwidth and huge disk space for their online businesses.

Uptime and Reliability of the System

Some may have been aware of what GoDaddy has to go through publicly in terms of their poor uptime service, but they were able to resolve this and pick up from this experience. This is what makes them a more reliable system up to date and get everything back on track.

The Control Panel They Use

What makes GoDaddy different from other web hosting services out there is that they were able to develop a control panel of their own. They were able to create a control panel that is easy to use as soon as you get used to it, but if in case you have been using cPanel for quite some time now, it may take you more time to master GoDaddy’s control panel.

Customer Service

In case you have any question regarding GoDaddy’s web hosting services, you will be able to get access to quick support and response via e-mail and telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.