web hosting

RSC HOST employs two data centers that occupy more than 2,400 sqft of space and consist of over eight hundred servers and storage that is half a pentabyte. Both the centers are equipped with the following:

• Complete security 24/7
• Runs on N + 1 power (A/C and D/C)
• The same equipment and architecture for the network

Our compact and secure network is made up of a server environment which had been pooled. This means that any server can access web site files if ever a request happens. With this, the first available machine will be able to serve the Web pages of a customer so that loading times are much speedier and there will be lesser interruptions as compared to hosting given by traditional providers.

Our excellent network has the following:

• M7I routers that are dual redundant
• 2 firewalls that use IDP technology that are digitally cross-connected with the world by the use of BGP border protocol.

Big Iron load balancers are utilized to analyze data in the site. Dell servers manage the data, which are divided into different application pools such as incoming mail, Web, and FTP, among others. This kind of architecture enables customization of every machine to the specific service that it processes. This means that the more density for every box, services become more reliable and speedier. There is no pool that relies completely on just one rack. Hence, for situations involving loss of rack’s switch or power, the service pool will never be down.

Any machine will be able to easily access a client’s data, and this is made possible by our storage which is network attached. Every single machine grouped with one other identical machine that will smoothly take charge if ever the main unit crashes. Also, there are adequate back-ups for these units, and they give a mirror copy of the information if ever the primary units sustain disk failure. Every second, about 5.5 gigabits of storage are managed using our servers.