What is Web Hosting?


If you are a freelancer who works online, you may have already seen job postings including the words “web hosting”.  Web hosting is an internet hosting service that allows people and groups, businesses or organizations to have their website viewable and usable to other people via the World Wide Web. Companies that provide internet connectivity in a data center and provide space on a server which are owned or rented out by clients are called Web hosts. They can also provide data center space to the web for other services in their collocation.

Web hosting services have a very wide scope and it’s scope varies greatly. Webpage is the most basic scope of web hosting. This is where files can be uploaded the FTP or File Transfer Protocol. Files delivered via this method are rarely processed and they reach their destination as is. Most Internet Service Providers give this service without any charge to their consumers but people can also get web hosting from different sources. Web hosting for personal sites are often either free or costs very little. On the other hand, web hosting for business sites are more expensive.

Personal web pages generally require only single page hosting while a complex web pages needs a package that proves comprehensive and database support and application developments like Java, PHP or ASP.NET. These are what allows users or customers to write or install scripts for their applications.

Obtaining web hosting can be as simple as availing of an internet plan. Some internet service providers offer free web hosting services while but you can also opt to get paid web hosting which is what business web pages use most of the time.

There are several types of web hosting. The most common type is what we have discussed earlier: free web hosting. There’s also shared web hosting that places one website in the same server as hundreds or thousands of other sites. Reseller web hosting is another type of web hosting that allows its clients to become web hosts themselves. There’s also the dedicated hosting service where a user or a webpage owner gets his personal web server and gets full control over it. The most inexpensive type of dedicated hosting is self-managed or unmanaged. Colocation web hosting service is just like dedicated web hosting with the only difference being that the user owns the colocation server. This is also considered the most expensive yet powerful type of web hosting. Other types of web hosting include cloud hosting, clustered hosting, and grid hosting.

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