Which Best Web Hosting Plan is Best for You

Let’s start the finding top 10 web hosting sites. Recently, businesses are finding new ways of widening there are of scope, and that is due to the exponentially growing internet. As the horizons are widened, new markets, new opportunities, and new challenges were created. The internet elevates the opportunities for online business into multiple levels for a sure success of the venture. The challenge; however is to set up a website for the business since the set up is not as easy as it seems. I would say that the initial set up might be simple but, the maintenance of the site is very complicated. It is very essential that the sites are functional, provides information of top quality, and of course, do not forget the ease of use.

The internet is powerful enough to permit anyone with the smallest of business to compete with the established and giant companies in the industry. The competition is fair for the reason that anyone has the access to the potential markets and develops a presence that can attract clients and visitors alike.

Most of the small and medium sized online businesses do not have the capacity to host their own sites in-house. The economics of running an in-house data center is too costly that it becomes exclusive only to those tycoons who have the money to do so. So how do small businesses compete if they are restricted? The answer to that is a web hosting company. There are numerous e-commerce web hosting companies that provide their clients quality services at a competitive price, thus allowing small e-commerce to acquire an online presence rapidly.

These web hosting providers permit customers to exploit the economies of scale like operation of large data centers can be avoided. The savings are doubled in magnitude since the provider takes care of the server’s running expenses. However, you must take into consideration all the factors before you choose your hosting partner in order to avoid deception and loss.

It is necessary to the success of your e-commerce website that your web hosting company provides you the plan that is suited for your needs. Here is I think the best web hosting company, iPage:

Overview of the Company

One of the most effective ways of determining if a company has the ability to provide the best web hosting services is to dig deeper into their history. If the company has existed long enough, then they are rich in experience, especially in dealing with any challenge that the customers are demanding out of them.

The team behind iPage has been offering web hosting services since 1998 and their experience in web hosting spans to more than a decade. Based on that information alone, you already have the idea of what the company can really offer to you.

What makes iPage outstanding is their commitment to provide you the best customer service that you can imagine. Truth to be told, the company has increased the number of their customers by word-of-mouth only. It is their current customers who advertised iPage through referrals, which of course, is generated by the company’s commitment that exceeded the client’s expectations.


Whether your website is to be used for personal or business purposes, your web hosting company should be reliable 9.99%, if not 100%, of the time. In terms of reliability, iPage utilizes an array of servers from which websites are served using the fastest and state-of-the-art machines available. All three factors that are important, especially in managing a sales-oriented website were met by these arrays of servers. These three factors are; (1) provide redundancy, (2) faster load time, and (3) fewer service interruptions.

Other characteristics which make iPage reliable are the following:

1. Security Suite that is exclusive to iPage customers only that features account specific malware, spam scanning, domain verification, and security badge.

2. A hosting architecture is unique to iPage; where the site is served by an array of redundant servers.

The superiority about the web hosting package is that they have a one-price-one plan package which can really meet most of your personal and business website needs. Of course, the package comprises of unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email. Other add-ons are also included in the package like free domain, free online store, and marketing coupons.

Aside from the free instant setup and activation, iPage also provides newbies the ability to build their sites in just 10 minutes. All these innumerable web hosting features are to be enjoyed at a competitive price. All you have to do is take advantage of its package. The question now is how much you are willing to pay for your website.
Control Panel

Almost the entire web hosting companies utilize cPanel control panel. Unlike these companies, iPage utilizes vDeck control panel. I would say that perhaps the most essential criteria to consider when choosing a web hosting company are if their control panel is user-friendly or not. cPanel control panel is definitely user-friendly, however can you say that vDeck is a user-friendly control panel too? Let’s find out.

As shown in vDeck’s certified website, the latest version of this control panel includes 75 different tools and services. On top of that, the release of vDeck 3.0 makes things even better. In this latest version, more than 200 tools and services will be included in the control panel making your website management tasks easier and more comfortable.

With vDeck, you can easily go through your to-do-list and you can do a lot more. Incorporating all the recent and up-to-the-minute features, I think cPanel will really have to keep up.

Wrap Up

As of the moment, iPage serves more than a million websites. After all the careful considerations that I have made, I can say that indeed, the company does meet the utmost standards in providing the best web hosting services.

A bonus is that the company is 100% powered by wind energy, making this company, a company to be followed in terms of environmental consciousness. So when you subscribe to their web hosting services, you are not only trying to improve your business but also you are doing your share in helping protect the environment.